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This is the home of all the Random Thoughts of Louis Schmier.  Sent out via lists since 1993, the Random Thoughts were archived for many years as web pages at this site.  In the summer of 2007, all of the Random Thoughts were converted to blog posts and are archived here, thanks to the generous folks at edublogs.org

All posts on this blog are copyright © Louis Schmier.

3 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Louis…curious if you’ve ever discussed in your blogs the difference between a teaching philosophy and an educational philosophy?


  2. Ron, being a frustrated philosopher–one of my several majors in college as I was playing musical majors after I screwed up my pre-med major–I see educational philosophy as a subset of philosophy in general, as John Dewey-esque, if you will. If you accept that philosophy is, as the Greeks said, a love of wisdom, about anything, then educational philosophy is the pursuit of being wise on campus. That is, its just a specified look at one area of knowledge about reality and the dispelling of the fogs of myth.

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